As the temps drop and snow builds up I find myself heading to check on, feed, water and clean Star and Vanilla more often than in the nicer weather.

It is beautiful these cold mornings. But Vanilla is now an older llama, approaching 20 years. Star is young and thankfully the cold does not bother her at all.

The past few years the cold has really bothered Vanilla. Besides two blankets and neck wraps, we remodeled his stall and Star’s, too. The shed has been insulated and the front of his stall can be completely closed in wind, heavy snow or rain.


This year though, I went one step further and purchased a battery heated vest.

It took quite a bit to secure and test it, and Vanilla did not like the fussing at all. But I could see the look of comfort come into his eyes with the warmth and he eagerly came forward to eat his warm beet pulp and apple slices with a bit of grain! That makes me happy.

The battery did not heat for long. I got another battery so I can switch them and keep him warm most of the time. When the temps are up to 30 he won’t need the warmth so much, unless it is windy. The temps today started at 10 below zero and topped out at 12 degrees. The warmth in the heated vest helped him a lot.

Vanilla may look a bit strange in this winter outfit, but then I look pretty weird in my Bigfoot outfit, too.