I have learned in yoga that some difficult people and animals can become your teachers, and Shadow certainly has.

Shadow arrived to my driveway as a young female, very thin with a big belly.

Of course I fed her near the cellar door and then inside…where she had kittens…

Many were stillborn and only one survived after she took them away and returned with just two.

She could eat what three cats ate and I gave her all she could eat.

She was accepted pretty well by Pretty Paws Grey and Champion.

After 6 months I looked at her and she was fat!

She got very heavy (18.5lbs) and is now around 14 pounds, it is hard to appreciate the loss under all that hair..

She has been like a dog some days accompanying me to the shed to feed and care for Star and Vanilla as well as back when I had SteppinUp my old best cow…