The turkey vultures flew above me circling and magnificent in the blue sky…. How could such gorgeous creatures accomplish such a seemingly disgusting job? I have always thought all creatures have an important contribution to the earth and to all other creatures, although we may not like looking at what they do. Imagine if no one cleaned up the dead…. They perform an important job that helps keep the world clean and limits the spread of many diseases. Their digestive system contains incredibly strong enzymes that can destroy bacteria and diseases that would devastate others.

I have been reading Ted Andrews’ book “Animal Speak” and he writes much about finding your own spirit animal. Be aware of what animals are presenting themselves to you, he says, and where you find them.

I love to be out in nature and truthfully, so many animals call to me. He says that you may have several spirit animals and some for different periods of your life. The horse speaks to me so powerfully and has to have been the spirit animal of my youth. The horse can express everything in my art and connects all of life. The horse is also a very glamorous creature and appeals to the ego.

This year I was surrounded by frogs and I have to say I find myself attracted to these small amphibians with their fascinating feet that have pads on them that pull them securely into the earth. I like to think of them when I am doing Tai Chi or a standing meditation. They help me become grounded.

And then I have loved the slow and lowly turtle that plods along slowly but surely persistent in aiming for a goal. Able to hide and protect itself and then emerge again on it’s grounded path. Perhaps this is my spirit animal now, a simple reptile that helps me connect to the Earth and keep my path steadfast at this time.

The simple turtle has found it’s place in art through the ages and I have had fun creating batik with turtles.

Above is “Turtle Merges With Earth, Water and Sky.”

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  • I can relate to this post so well! Where I live, I am surrounded by tons of woodland animals that come up to the edge of the woods and slightly beyond sometimes, into our development. I am obsessed with them, and I get ridiculously excited with every sighting. I do, also feel that the turtle is my spirit animal. My son, when asked, said his spirit animal is a sloth wearing a jet pack, so he could be lazy when he wanted but still get things done if needed. I thought that was brilliant!

  • Thank you so much Adrienne! Glad you too appreciate the small and quiet creatures close to the earth.


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