My Inner goddess has become quite shrouded as the years pass. I find myself wearing greys, greens, and brown a lot. Some of that has to do with being a farmer for much of my life. The poop keeps me humble. My batik do not share that state and ring with bright colors and images of myths from ancient times as well as flashes of joy I experience in the landscapes and farmlands that surround me.

I have been working with Kate Austin-Avon for years. Kate has created my website, helped set up my Etsy shop, and so much more. This year we have worked together on adding my batik images to clothing, quite a challenge! There are now dresses, scarves, headbands, leggings and capris with my wild and mystical art as the design. When I dropped off my artwork for the Bedlam Farm Open House held on the weekend of the 10th and 11th of June, I found Maria in her studio rearranging all to make a gallery out of her studio. She took the photo you see at the top of this page.

We talked about my clothing. Maria was my first customer buying the Magical Birds leggings. I talked about my art and how it fitted on my clothing, and how some of the leggings had an ancient mandala like effect when they were printed on the leggings. The images will look different on each person that buys them. So the serpents and arrows and magical frogs will appear differently on each person who buys them.

The Magical Frogs on the leggings that I bought look a lot different than the ones that Kate is wearing. My frogs are plumper and very happy, healthy like a plump Buddha. The frogs that Kate is wearing are sleek and long, kind of matching her frame and personality. Maria jumped on this and added that each piece of clothing was becoming a personal sculpture on the person who wore it, a three dimensional image, and as my art often stems from ancient images from the mythical past, each one would become a mythical goddess image. (Take a look at Maria’s work and you will know what she’s talking about.)

The ancient art of Indian, Egyptian, Celtic, and so much of the ancient art relates to creation, the spiral, birth, sex, goddesses, the great fertility that comes from the earth and women, and my art, Maria’s art, and the ancient art all reflect this. So I hope you will take a look at some of the fabrics from my original batik that have been added to my clothing. They are now available through my website — you can click here to shop.

I want people who look at my art and wear my clothing to feel the happiness and joy of spirit that I feel when I create my batik art.



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