Painting dye accents on Sunburst at the end

Painting dye accents on Sunburst at the end

Sunburst was finished last week.

I have worked on it for over a year.It went through many waxing and dyeing stages. It also has been bleached out and re-dyed twice.

As I came to the final dye bath, I set the dye and dried the batik. I wanted to add some deep red and red violet accents. This part of the batik was painted on at the end with a small brush. Pictures are below of me painting dye directly on this batik.

I then used paper towels to rub the excess dye away and I let it dry. After drying, which allowed the maximum amount of dye to penetrate the fabric, it was rinsed in cold water in my giant tub. Then I immersed it in a tub of water mixed with Dharma dye fixative and stirred it occasionally for 15 minutes.

When I removed it, I hung it to dry on the line outdoors in the shade nearby and my batik was released to the wind.

It is now on display at the Saratoga Springs Visitors Center and I hope you will be able to get down to see. Click here for more information about my upcoming events and shows.