The air has been crisp, and the sky bright many of these October days as I begin my day high up on the hill behind my house practicing Tai Chi. The hills have had their phase of mad wild color celebrating the end of harvest season. The mountains a multidude of color accented dramatically by the abundant clouds. I have enjoyed absorbing the warm air and sun rays to start my day, but lately the morning have been darker, damp and cool, hopefully giving way to sun as it climbs higher in the sky, the angle of light changing daily.
Not too hot, the mosquitos and flies gone, it is a wonderful time for dyeing cloth! I have my tubs of dye and the rinse sink out next to our home and can drip to my heart’s content. All kinds of fabric items are being dyed now from batik hangings to scarves and various sizes of puses.
Our faithful jersey cow, “Steppin Up,” is home for a short vacation, (her dry period, getting her baby ready the last weeks before calving), before going back to the barn where she milks. She watches the proceeding with a calm interest. You will notice the fence is used for a temporary clothes line for my items to drip dry. I am grateful for this time to expand into the yard and do my batik in the warm sun.