All was still except for the faint sound of my foot steps on the frozen gravel path that lead up the hill behind my house. The sky was as clear as it could ever be and it was filled with sparkling stars. As I rose toward the top, the sound changed to the crunch of frozen grass under my feet. The leaves rustled lightly on an old oak tree and the distant brook gave gentle musical sounds as it moved down out of the hills and twisted through rocks and frozen edges of ice.

At the top the expansive view of mountains woodland and fields spread out below me. The houses and barns below nestled into the valleys and their lights shone invitingly. The day was done and thankfully all was peaceful in this quiet town. Not a car or truck or train drove in the distance. Not a dog barked, nor coyote howled or bird called. Even though it has not snowed, many animals slept in hibernation below ground or in protected craggy tufts of earth. I think back to my summer full moon night with insects, peepers, frogs, birds and many other animals chiming into the loud summer musical of sound.

This was peaceful, still, alone and gave me a feeling of being connected to all time. Past present and future all merged and filled me. I bathed in this connection for only a short time (time was frozen), and then slowly walked home down the hill breathing in all I saw and had felt.

I returned home renewed as only nature can bestow on me. This morning is cloudy and grey again, but the inspiration of the January full moon lives on.

I have posted more batik images inspired by the full moon.

” Moon of all Time” batik

“Horse Frolics in Moonlight Night” batik

” Mushrooms, Bugs, Snails Below the Magic Moonlight” small batik

” Lothlorien – Enchanted Land” batik inspired by the “Lord of the Rings”

and two utility items;

Trivet with “Unicorns Rising from Dreams in the light of a Golden Moon.”

(batik image fused to ceramic tile).

Circle bag titled “Mystical Garden on Moon Light Night” hand dyed and painted

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