My hands were quite cold in the morning breeze but my heart warmed as the sun crept across the fields, hedgerows and mountains. It is the last day of November and although the air is cool in this strong breeze, it is nice to see the sun. I practice Tai Chi high above my home and enjoy the vast space and feeling of freedom that this spot always gives me.

Back home I work on more batik and finish new scarves, purses , and the multitude of details required before any Art and Craft event. My batik helper, Singer, watches and then carefully inspects my work.

Last weekend I had my batik and other items at the Vermont Farmers Market Christmas Fair in Poultney, Vermont. A wonderful collection displayed their farm products and Art and Craft wares.

December 10 & 11th the Shirt Factory in Glens Falls will hold an Art And Craft Fair Open house that I am eagerly planning to bring my work to. The old Shirt Factory is on the corner of Cooper and Lawrence Streets

Garden Works in Salem, New York also has my prints and cards in their beautiful barn store and Larac’s Lapham Gallery has a tremendous selection of artisans work displayed in their elegant Gallery of which my work is a part.
All of us are bustling as the Christmas Holiday approaches!!

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  • Love the Christmas batik, Carol. Warm greetings from Bali where it's around 10pm and I've sought refuge outside on the balcony to try to cool off. My room is just too hot! Couldn't resist sharing a little weather report in answer to yours.


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