The day shone brightly in the morning sun with snow covering everything. The first snow is not welcome in October, yet the brilliance of light was uplifting to me after the previous week of dark, foggy, damp and raining mornings. I grabbed my camera, dressed warmly and climbed the hill behind our house, capturing what I could of the unexpected beauty.
The snow had fallen on many autumn trees and there were glimpses of color revealed across the broad expanse of farms , fields, woodland and the majestic Adirondack Mountains in the distance. It was the first time in a week that I had climbed here to practice Tai Chi and feel the freedom of the vast expanse before me.
The jeweled emerald green fields were hidden under the snow which fortunately we had only a small accumulation of. My cow Steppin Up emerged from under the big Pine tree unscathed by the snow and ready to eat hay.
As the day went on, the snow quickly melted and throughout our county, herds of cows horses, sheep, lamas and goats were happily scattered over the fields greedily eating as if the imminent arrival of winter had signaled the end of grazing.
Dyeing my fabric was also a bit cold, but I tried to do all I could because soon I’d be forced indoors to do my batik for the winter months.

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