The August moon rises brightly, almost full, full after midnight, after August 13 begins. I am lured up the hill behind my house by it’s brilliance. It feels great to be out on this super clear night. The day was crisp, bright, hot and now the air is cooler, clear and still. At the top of the hill I can see the farms and homes scattered throughout the valley. Their small golden lights are on, signaling the contended end to a long day. Layers of mountains can faintly be seen with small strings of lights in distant villages tucked in between the hills. A train passes and gives it’s lonely sounding call as it snakes it’s way through the valley. The night sounds of life are so intense this time of year. Insects and frogs speak in a loud chorus echoing through the trees and fields. One especially, eek eek eek- eek eek eek- eek eek is repeated endlessly and from all directions till dawn. A meteor shower is expected later, closer to morning. Although it sounds spectacular, I’ll miss it.

I return to my studio to work in the cool evening hours. I’d like to share some of my full moon batik with you. My “Stallion on an Eluive Evening” is bathed in moonlight. My “Red Dragon Breaths Arrows” about the moon. “Mirror Image Goats” has a mysterious feel of a blue green moon. “Pan calls the Moon from the Zebra’s Back” and “Unicorns Rise from the Earth in Dreams.”

A spring post also features the moon with the batik “Moon Over Spring” and others. The moon has a strong effect on me and is a great inspiration.

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