A drop of water is hit by the sun as I stand on the hilltop behind my house. It turns red, green, and then becomes a prism of color before the sun’s angle changes and it is gone. I love to start my free mornings practicing Tai Chi up here and absorbing the sun, air, and space. The dew is heavy and my feet are wet from the dew as I practice the gentle movements of Tai Chi. I leave the hill, refreshed and limber and head back to my studio to work on my batik and other fabric items for the Fiber Festival to be held in the Washington County Fairgrounds, September24th and 25th. Here my rolled silk hangs waiting to be attatched to my now unfinished batik. Partly finished batik and purses wait for the finishing touches.My brushes lie waiting to apply dyes to my scarves and my wood creatures from my Dad’s sawmill in days long, gone sit by and watch over all.

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