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I am rich in flowers

IMG_6314The yard outside our old house has been bursting with daylilies and other flowers, and I have just been swept away with the beauty of them. My favorite time to take a walk is at sunset time, and the light here comes in from the West and bathes everything in the golden light. It’s actually euphoric to me. I find that instead of being up in my studio painting wax on my fabrics, I’m outside taking pictures all the time, and I love sharing them.


In the afternoon as I’m out taking the pictures I feel a tremendous connection with nature and all that is good in the world. And I hope, when you look at these photographs, you will feel it as well. Sometimes after my walks I come into the house and I feel as if I am dreaming. I stay in this dream state for a while and I find myself being flooded with ideas for batik. Actually, more ideas than I can possibly use.

FullSizeRender (3)

But I capture a few of these images and start working with some of them. And I thought I’d show you some of the new scarves that I have just now made available. And hope you can see where the inspiration for these scarves came from.


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