I guess it is normal for us to look back on our lives as we grow older. There were no cell phones to conveniently carry and take photos with so there are not many photos and what I have are faded and somewhat dirty. I still love to look at them.

Dick and I were together everyday of our lives except for his month long trip to Moldova to work with the pastures and the cows in this small backward country who had separated from Russia. Much later Dick developed many health problems he is now in a nearby home. I see him everyday.

The farm took both of us into the daily ritual of getting up early and tending to our animals to be sure they were healthy and happy. Happy cows do best. We even installed soft mats in their stalls to bring more comfort and good footing to them. I remember the day they were installed. They lay down and their eyes softened and showed appreciation for their new found beds.

Dick and I came second.  We led a good but hard life.

One of my regrets was not getting vacations and though we would get mostly half days off and sometimes a morning and night,  getting away was something that did not happen.

The highlight of adventure was when Dick’s friend Russ married his wife Kate in Key West and paid our way down.

In the 28 years on the farm we had four days away to attend their wedding. It was a delightful time and how I wish we had gotten a few more of these relaxing and exciting vacations.. it was so much fun out on the boat fishing and becoming a speck in the expansive ocean. This photo of Dick shows a delight that you just don’t get milking a cow.

It was day one, the trip down, two days in the middle for the wedding and fun and then back home. Many hugs to Russ and Kate and gratitude forever.

I remember the plane arriving in Albany airport and thinking how plain and even industrial Albany looked after the color and ocean in Key West.

Dick and I found our car and were surprised at how strongly it smelled like cows. We returned to 6 happy helpers who banded together to take care of things on the farm. Jaka the leader.

Thank you to all!