New Years Day and I walk up the hill behind my home. It is warm and hazy, the mountains not visible. There are patches of fields that do not have snow here and there. The trees stand out before me, with the oak and beech tree leaves making their gentle vibrating sounds in the slow breeze. As I walk uphill next to the brook the quiet and soothing water sounds echo in the foggy air. The sounds of nature on this day are so soothing and I feel fortunate to be able hear them on this day. Crows caw happily up the hill in the woodland and there are other birds that also join in. A train passes in the unseen distance and the sound is somewhat lonely as it snakes it’s way through the unseen distance along the canal.

At home I sit at my desk pondering the year to come. One of my cats, Pretty Paws Grey sits looking out the window next to me. She is pondering too. I think she is grateful to be here after many years outdoors. Now she is safe, warm and well feed, I’m glad she’s here.

I’m hoping I’ll be able to get out and meet other artists and customers in the coming year. I enjoy spending time with my animals and the sheep and calves that I help feed and milk. Getting to Art Festivals and galleries does mean time away. Online markets are new to me but there are two sites that are available.

My work can be seen online now at and is available on fineartamerica.