I awaken with the usual stiffness and pain in my back and look out at the fog. This morning I will not be milking and take time to do some extra stretching and limbering exercises with Cutest, our eleven year old cat, who also has her stretching routine. The stretching helps Cutest and me to feel really good. We aim to stretch every part of our body, and after, I practice my Tai Chi, which helps to open my joints and ground me physically and mentally as Cutest circles at my feet, we both feel great!

Very little batik work has been done this past week which was filled with milking, planting my small garden , and asparagus plants. I never suspected it would be so difficult to plant asparagus. Deep holes were dug through the sod, and now will be slowly refilled as the tiny spears grow. Chunks of sod are still waiting to be shaken out and cleaned up.

The fence close to our house was finally ready for Steppin, my cow, and Footstep, her yearling heifer. It’s nice to be able to see them nearby grazing with beautiful trees and flowers around them.

I will be spending the coming week mixing dyes, and dyeing some of the many winter-spring pieces I have waxed.