April 3rd, at last it’s a clear bright spring morning! This is the first morning with early bright sun and I took the opportunity to take my first morning walk up the hill behind my house for this year to celebrate the sunrise.
As I came to the top of the hill and looked off and far away the fields are still yellow brown and the trees grey. Only a small area facing the sunrise showed fresh, tiny, green shoots of grass. The morning breeze is pleasant for the first time as it is above freezing. Somehow the clear sky, great open space and morning breeze, clear my scattered mind overfilled with ideas and concerns.
Birds sing in the distance, a woodpecker furiously pecks, two Canadian geese fly above as a pair of deer quietly pass by. I practice my Tai Chi form which relaxes and limbers me, connecting me to the earth.
The brook is rushing in the distance, full of energy. Water has returned from the stillness of ice and will bring on the growth of spring. In Toaism, the spring element is wood, the color is green, the action is rising. I’m looking forward to seeing the re-emergence of the growth cycle from the roots.
Today I’m showing three of my spring silk paintings, “Spring from the Roots”, “Water Reflections” and “Lake Shimmers Below the Adirondacks”. Also I’ve included two batik paintings, “Wind and Waves”showing earth forces on water and trees, as well as the fantasy batik “Lothlorien-Enchanted Land” picturing the gentle endless flowing movement of water. This image inspired by Tolkien”s “Lord of the Rings”.