Spring is like falling in love. That is how I feel on the warm spring sunny days in late April and early May.The soft breezes,sweet smell of the earth awakened, flowers and tree blossoms; every blade of grass, leaf, and shoot from the ground completely fresh and new.
Sometimes love does turn cold however. The past days have been 30-40 degrees with rain, sleet and snow. Not a peep from the spring peepers, and the birds barely chirped. The sun managed to peak momentarily and cast a golden light under the clouds at the day’s end. It’s light gave a few minutes of warmth.
Our cute little calves at Butch and Yvonne Parkers have grown into beautiful heifers. It does seem like the manure they produce from all that good feed, gets heavier every day. They are being trained to respect the fence and spend time outdoors on good days.
The sheep at Dancing Ewe Farm are happily grazing the lush pastures and producing a lot of their super valuable
milk. The golden milk is turned into Italian Artisan cheeses.
On the days Jody and Luisa are off at the markets, I help by milking the sheep. Will, the young sheep dog helps me take the sheep from field to parlor and back.
Last night the sky cleared and the full moon shone brightly through the window. This morning it is 30 degrees, but the sun promises a warm day. Despite the snow, everything is green and fresh. The frost slowed the growth but nothing can stop the spring cycle. The pastures will turn lush and the fields of Washington County, New York will be filled with herds of cows, horses, sheep, goats and lamas.
Lots of ideas for batik.