This week I managed to capture a young calico cat that I have been trying to catch for almost eight months. She spent the winter outdoors and wild with the exception of coming to me for food, but no touching! She was finally captured with the help of a Havahart trap and yummy food. It is a relief to have her . She went to the veterinarian right away, as she had an abscessed leg that needed attention badly, as well as more routine work. She is peaceful and maybe in a month or two will want to be patted.
I’ve been sketching more ideas for spring batik.I like to work with nature; patterns, seasons, cycles, and fantasy, mythological and primordial subjects.
The crow is a favorite bird of mine. Black and plain looking, the caw of the crow on a sunny day in February is a welcome sight and sound. The form of the black crow stands out in sharp contrast to the white reflecting snow.
I also think of the crow as a jester or trickster. The crow is not liked by many, especially farmers who have just planted a field to corn, but is loved by many others.
The crow is also a form used by shamans as part of the “shape shifting” that is done as a disguise allowing a shaman to explore and deliver messages with out revealing himself.The crow was a common form used in Carlos Castaneda’s book “The Teachings of Don Juan: A Yaqui Way of Knowledge”
It will be at least a month before any Crow batik are completed.