Last week, everyday, 20 degrees, frost! The morning light comes sooner each day and I’d walk to my studio and look out the window to sun high-lighting trees and mountains in the distance, turning the field by us white. Last week, still no leaves to be seen and only brown yellow grass. Then the warmth came on Sunday and green has appeared with just a hint of red in the distant trees. Gentle rain has pushed new growth from the earth. A purple flower pushes through a leaf with it’s brilliant purple color. The rhubarb plants have pretty red sprouts and tiny wrinkled leaves. As the sun sets the rhododendrons by our house are lightly opening and the sun casts a burnished gold on their long leaves.

I walk off to the brook which is rushing at the bottom of the ravine below. On and on the magical sound of water bubbles below with gently changing musical tones. How peaceful and energizing the sound is. Thank you, mother nature.