I like to wake up with the sun. In the winter it doesn’t wake very early. I look out the window to a dim dark view of the day and turn on lights to feel perky. Finally the sun peeks over the hill behind our house and shines through the Rhododendrons next to our home. It is a welcome sight! I find myself craving the sun this time of year and take a walk enjoying the atmospheric mist that has attached to everything, but all remains a cloudy haze.

In my studio I find the sun as the subject of my work today: see two examples of silk painting. I think back to summer days when I would hope for some clouds to ease the sun’s glare and can hardly believe I would wish such a thing. At the day’s end, which didn’t take that long to reach, I peak at the sun, bright red until it dips below the mountains and briefly casts a pink glow to the evening sky.