Last night the brilliant super moon arrived to bring in spring. From my view it was very large and had golden crescents around it. It shone very brightly throughout the night to bring spring here. My batik “Moon Over Spring” is on exhibit at the Thacker Nature Center in Knox, New York, along with a beautiful collection of artwork. The exhibit will be there through next Saturday. The John Boyd Thacker State Park is a gorgeous Park with breathtaking views and the Nature center is charming and filled with exhibits so that you can not leave without learning many things about our local habitat. How lucky we are to have this beautiful park where all can go to enjoy nature and the open space of the wild.(visit Thacker Nature Center on Facebook).
I’m including an image of “Moon Over Spring” as well as several other batik that are inspired by moonlight. “The Unicorn and Phoenix”, “Pan Calls the Moon from Zebra’s Back”, “Poseidon Rides the Sea”, and “Dragon Breathing Arrows around Moon”. The full moon has been an inspirational symbol for all time.
You can see my artwork on Fine Art America, Etsy- Amity Farm Batik. Check to the right of this post and click to these sites. Spring is here at last and it is cold, but sunny and bright!