As I took my morning walk with my tai chi practice at the top of the hill behind my house, I stopped and sat on a rock and drank my coffee in the warm summer breeze. The air felt good and was filled with the sounds of insects. There was much more intensity to their chorus than a month ago. Birds and occasionally the sound of a car or a truck in the distance became blended into the insect’s sounds. The farmer’s machines were quiet as the fields continue to grow for the next cutting. A small airplane cruised the sky with a lazy drone to it’s engine. The sound from the insects is an expansive relaxing sound that has an effect on me of feeling connected to all things.

My favorite flowers, the daylillies,are almost gone for the year. A few appear, but I find myself pulling out the dried stems and thinking of the time next year when they will be back. I think back to the beautiful show they put on. Each flower is here for one day only and I do not want to miss seeing that flower.

My heifer, Footstep, is now one year and two months and is growing well and happy here near our house. I’m glad to have her and her mom here.

The garden, much of it in pots has done well, with the exception of the squash plants. The cherry tomatos, peppers, dill and purple basil are very pretty to look at. The rainbow swiss chard is especially beautiful in the early morning sun. I’m grateful to such a good beginning to a productive day.