Last night I felt the cold winter rain as I came back home. It was still very cold and it was surprising to have the wet drops falling into the snow. Thunder and lightning rumbled and flashed to our west letting my husband and I know something unusual was happening.

This morning I awoke to a winter wonderland! Looking out the studio window to the northwest was a breathtaking sight. I was drawn outdoors by this beauty and the fact that it was twenty degrees, instead of zero or below, and strapping on snowshoes proceeded to plow through the snow which had a wet crust over the abundance of snow beneath. Very slowly I plodded out short distances from our home with my tiny camera.

Every where was so beautiful, I took a lot of pictures and managed to stay on my feet through most of it.

Looking up brilliant, looking west a bit dark and foreboding. The little birdhouse on the old tree by the house had icicles hanging from it. I walked on and the great pine tree in the field to our south was covered and bent but taking it well. The snow and needles made a great textural pattern. A little farther on was an old apple tree that had some small shriveled apples still on it. This tree had been feeding deer since November.

I plowed slowly on through the deep snow enjoying all I saw and taking more and more photos, when once again, tripped by the crust, down I went, snowshoes stuck underneath. Finally I freed myself from the drift and headed home looking like a snow woman of old.