Earth Day – Good Friday……… Spring is still cold, windy, rainy and beautiful in a cold sort of way. Red buds are showing on distant trees and the mountains are highlighted with small patches of sun. All here comes from the earth and returns to. The form changes but is never gone.
I’m showing some of my earthborn batik. “The Horse Sleeps Below Tree of Rebirth” shows a below ground horse ready to be reborn. See the seed of life held by the widely branched tree.
“Bounty From the Earth”, Shows the produce that earth gives to us with our encouragement.
“Ent Trees” displays the living trees inspired by “the Lord of the Rings”
“After the Thunderstorm” has a multi layered view of the earth: The dark sky gives way to rain and nourishes the veggies below.
“From Earth Forces the Horse Rises” a spring inspired batik that deals with layers below our view, the horse created and lifted from the ground by the wind.