It has been a long time since the mountains could be seen in the morning and today is no exception. The trend lately has been hot and very humid and a heavy mist has settled into the fields, forests and valleys.The distant farms are not visible at all.The morning air is sweet and warm, with everything covered with rain drops from last night. The early sun feels good and although quite warm, the air has a clearer and dryer feeling to it. The sounds of birds and insects fill the air with a pleasant all encompassing sound.

I feel not only grateful to be able to see, but also grateful to be surrounded by such beauty as is in my back yard and all about me in Washington County, New York.

The sun catches the rising mists with sunny highlights streaming through the tree branches. A drop of dew in the morning clover is caught by the sun and turns into a prism, then to amber, red, and green. The cornfield is cast with a flood of hazy morning sun. The stalks have tassels on top highlighted gold, and the young corncobs have tender young silk loaded with dew. In the distance the farms are revealed, but no mountains yet.

Near the house the coneflowers look brilliant, accented by their irridescent centers. The large old trumpet vine is in full bloom making hummingbirds and bees very happy. I find myself flooded with ideas and images for my batik work. I’m glad for the inspiration, but can not hope to achieve such beauty as is found in nature.