It has still been freezing here and sooooooooo far behind last year, when pasture arrived early in April. The grass is green at last and heavy rain arrived last night pounding on our windows and earth below. The forsythia bushes have finally donned their bright cheerful yellow and glow, as do daffodils here and there. I’ve been cleaning up the large yard after winter’s onslaught as well as picking up the cow manure and hay in the pasture area close to the house, now piled here and there to added to a larger pile and then break down to return to the earth, good rich earth!
The mountains and fields today are highlighted with sun patches and cause me to think of the land over time. How many generations have looked on this before, and how many will in the future. How much change has taken place, even in the woods there are stone walls built to clear land to fields that now have returned to trees. We borrow land to live on or farm here in Washington County NY. The land is for us to use in this life, but must be kept well for future generations. Farms in this county are concerned with preserving the land at it’s best. I am fortunate to be able to have such beauty to inspire my artwork in my backyard.