Spring is very slowly arriving and here we still have large areas of snow with brown grass revealed in many fields and yards. It’s also been extra cold for this time of year, way behind last year.
we can complain, but then, when we think of the disaster in Japan all our weather problems pale. How anyone could ever be ready for such a disaster is incomprehensible.
All of us hope that a more normal life can be restored in Japan as quickly as possible. Nothing can replace the loved ones lost as well as all possessions.
Amity Farm Batik as well as many other etsy shop keepers have donated the proceeds of sales from some of our work to Relief for Japan.
“The Beaked Dragon Flies above the Sea” is a print from a batik that was inspired by oriental art. Any purchases of this print on etsy.com will benefit relief for Japan. See etsy link on the right side of this page to click to etsy. Let’s hope things can more quickly improve for the Japanese.

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