I awake to a winter wonderland again! Yes it is beautiful, but we have had so much snow, that I fear the long, uphill driveway will have no room for cars if it has to be plowed once more. As I look out I see the Rhodedendrons highlighted with fluffy white snow and they are beautiful for sure. As I stumble around in my studio in the dim morning light I find it a bit difficult to feel inspired. I look at several tables with projects sitting on them waiting to be finished. My art cards with images of batik I have done on one table, some smaller batik sit finised, ready to be tagged and rolled up. I have a selection of scarves tied after the first dye bath and ready for shibori patterning to be added with the next dyebath. Suddenly I find myself involved and anxious to finish some of these many projects I’ve begun.
I look out again and now see the rain has begun and created sparkling patterns on the window. This is inspiring……….