This morning, as I like to do on those mornings I’m not milking, I walked up the hill behind my house to practice Tai Chi. Up there, I leave my worries behind. They are insignificant as I look out on the expansive view. The bright sun and clouds work together to accent the fields, farms, and the Adirondack mountains in the distance.

I had finished my warm ups and began the Tai Chi form when I heard three loud snorts below me. A red deer had been watching me and was startled when I faced him/ her. The deer ran to the edge of the field and continued to watch me do the form from this safe distance. Animals can enjoy the soft movements of Tai Chi as well as us humans.

As I returned home, I took some time to look about the yard. New flowers had blossomed since last night when the day lilies looked so spectacular in the evening sun. Today new lilies had blossomed as well as roses, violets, hostas, honeysuckle, and other flowers on shrubs, squash, and tomatoes. The coneflowers were getting ready to blossom and the spike like flower shapes were as beautiful with iridescent green as they will be later in full colors.

My favorite flower is the day lily. Each blossom is with us for one day only. This is a reminder to me to take note, as tomorrow, these blossoms will be forever gone, as will so many other aspects of the day.

Footstep and Steppin are happy with their rotational grazing program. Each paddock has trees for shade and is edged with flowers. Please see the blue batik of cow and calf below trees.