Planning for the Year

Well the cold and snowy weather is making it easy to just work on plans and design ideas. It is a challenge to dye material outside or in the garage right now!!

But I am working on where I might be selling, displayed or promoting during the next year. So many choices to try and winnow down. Keep thinking about spring and feel free to send any ideas my way!

New beginnings

Well the New Year is off to a rousing start with lots of snow. It is a challenge to actually do some serious batik work in the winter with the dye baths in the cold and snow, but I am getting ready for spring. LARAC was a good venue this year because I earned an interview with The Post Star. See article at:

It was exciting to be able to explain the process to Doug and Derek and Derek got some great photos!

Well the sun is out after a very snowy weekend. Stay warm!